Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ex-Marine news

I found that last story by googling "ex-Marine." Here's a few of the ex-Marine stories in the news this month:

An ex-Marine in Madison, Wisconsin, a Desert Storm veteran, is homeless and in a wheelchair.

A 78-year old ex-Marine in Riverdale, Illinois, was beaten with pruning shears by a 14-year old boy who had broken into the man's house. The ex-Marine fought back and shot the attacker four times.

A 29-year old ex-Marine from Pennsylvania, was convicted of rape after fathering a child with a high school student.

A 31-year old ex-Marine is running for Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama.

An ex-Marine in Columbia City, Indiana has loved being a mail carrier for the past 30 years.

Business is good for this ex-Marine, who's also a former member of the French Foreign Legion.

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