Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Freak News

Miz Bubs is getting ready to leave for the library and I sit here doing useful things like googling the word "freak" for news stories. I found a few items of interest:

From New Zealand, news of a "freak wave" causing a fatal boating accident.

The foot freak story I posted Sunday appears in The Telegraph, Calcutta India, along with a couple of mildly diverting stories about scooter menace and "ghastly toothpicks."

A lucky driver in Houston, Texas, walks away from a freak accident.

In more freak news from New Zealand, a schoolgirl's arm is impaled on a hook (she's ok now.)

"A cheating chucker, or one of the greatest bowlers cricket has produced?" Muttiah Muralitharan is described as a "freak of nature."

A tree service worker in Montgomery, Alabama is killed in a freak tree accident.

This Canadian editorial says that Prime Minister "Big Daddy" Harper is a control freak.

From The Scotsman: This is No Freak Pregnancy.

And, finally: UFO sightings caused by freak weather.


Kate said...

Have I mentioned lately that you crack my shit up?

Send my love to all.


Bubs said...

Thanks, will do!

I'm trying to work on the template and set up more links and stuff, and make the site more interesting.

Thanks for visiting the compound!