Tuesday, May 30, 2006


No, that's not how I'm now demanding to be addressed by my wife and children. That is the name of a native plant that Miz Bubs ordered to go along the border of our yard. She called in the order to Possibility Place Nursery this morning, and we'll pick up the order in a couple of days. One of the cool things about Eryngium yuccifolium Michx is that its roots are used to heal rattlesnake bites. And also for impotence, venereal disease, and expelling worms. Once this plant is thriving I can move forward with my plans to start an obscure Christian snake-handling cult.

We're also going to plant spicebush, which has its own swallowtail butterfly, anise hyssop, tall coreopsis, smooth aster, blue sage, wild petunia, white prairie clover, big bluestem, prairie brome, copper shouldered oval sedge, wild bergamot, hoary vervain, birdsfoot violet, butterfly weed, prairie milkweed and geranium maculatum. Whew.

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