Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday morning coffee

It's a pleasant Sunday morning here at the compound. I found out Friday night I could sleep on my side now without feeling like my innards were going to spill out, so that's two really good nights sleep in a row. The downside is I slept too late to make it to church, so once again my efforts to get right with the Lord fall short.

My bride and I took our coffee out in the yard and looked over things. She's full a' spunk and big ideas, and it's fun to stand next to her and look out over where the butterfly garden and native plants are going this year. We got started on this project last year, in June, and it's nice to see how many of the plants made it and are peeking out of the ground now. We have all these plans for the place, but it's a constant balancing act between wanting to make the current compound as user-friendly as possible, while not spending to the point where it slows or messes up our plans to retire and move to a larger, more rural compound at the earliest opportunity. We're also starting to plan the 2nd annual 4th of July party, and there's not much that's more fun than planning a party.

Our eldest headed into Chicago this morning to audition for a movie: Hot Rod Zombies from Hell. She's eager for the opportunity to work for free. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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