Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wrong Priorities

George Bush is going to give an address Monday night and announce the deployment of National Guard troops along the Mexican border.

Mexicans don't scare me. I think the POTUS needs to talk to his brother and deploy National Guard units to control the outbreak of killer alligator attacks plaguing Florida. Especially since I'm headed down there on vacation next weekend. And you know what vacation means? It means a more mobile, and hence more lightly armed Bubs, that's what it means. My family is plucky, but we can't be expected to fight off swarms of killer alligators armed only with a compact Glock 9mm handgun and whatever improvised explosives we can make out of cosmetics, rum and sunscreen.


To, said...

Don't forget the crocs in the Keys. We could start with them, build up our fortitude for a protacted land war against the Gators.

Seriously if you want to see action, watch AIF and the Chamber get active when Florida besieged by killer gators start making the rounds in Europe.

Bubs said...

I would think that large sunburned Germans and Brits in speedos would look a lot like pork on the hoof to a gator.