Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Clinton years in 30 seconds, no bunnies

My friend Bawb the Revelator was recently driven to distraction by a fellow on an email list. Morris' passive-aggressive schtick manages to flip the switch in Bawb's head every once in a while; this tidbit came after Morris' predictable tut-tutting about always supporting the Democrats, no matter what. Bawb responds with a nice little summary of the Clinton years:

Our Tub of Ham Gravy (T.O.H.G.) leads off with Homos in the Military. This locks up the Log Cabin GOP demographic for '96.
Next, C. Lani Guinier finds out she's "scratched" for Deputy A.G . for Civil Right by T.O.H.G. from FoxNews after MINORITY GOP Sen. Orrin Harris says: "Deep six her!!" T.O.H.G. nods Presisidentially, distracted by Monica's steady 'come-hither' leer.
T.O.H.G. holds up wimp Multi-Payer National Health Card at first State of Union, says: "Y'all will have one of these!" Wild applause follows. Harry and Louise follows, funded by Insurance Industry Petty-Cash fund. "I saw the Bullworth rushes," says T.O.H.G. "He gets killed at the end! Damned if I'll campaign!" ClintonCare crashes, burns.
Newtie announces Contract With America, becomes Time Man of Year when GOP takes Congress. "Prez Still Relevant!" sniffs T.O.H.G. "Yowza!" says Monica.
"TRIANGULATE, you T.O.H.G!" says toe-sucking GOP, Dick Morris. "You got it!" replies T.O.H.G. who then "creams" the Late BobDole with LESS than 50% of the vote.
Morris, the above is confusing gibberish to Lemmings. Any lemming! You'll stick with ANY Democrat - especially the T.O.H.G. and Our Own Maggie Thatcher. I don't blame you, BTW. Reflex Motor Arcs are like........well, the Patella Reflex. Besides, it's all meaningless anyway - and I'm a youngster (relatively) who's once again disagreed with you to the point of Psychosis.
So I'm moving' off this dreariness. You smoke your Crack Pipe, I'll smoke mine. Oh yeah: the Yankees SUCK!
Bawb the Revelator

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