Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day

Yes, it's Flag Day. Old Glory is waving proudly in front of the compound, and the Gadsden Flag is flying at the back gate. Flag Day marks the anniversary of the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes as our national flag in 1777.

Want to know something else that's cool? Lots of countries gots their own Flag Days! Yes indeed, many peoples of the world other than Americans are also patriotic! Here's just a few that fall in June:
While I'm on the subject of flags, please allow me to air one of my favorite gripes: improper display of the American flag, especially by blowhards who are ostensibly trying to show their patriotism. For example:
-Leaving a flag draped on the side of a building in all weather, for weeks at a time, and not bothering to take the flag out of the rain gutter when it lands there.
-Draping the flag over the hood of a car
-Leaving the flag up at night, unlighted, and in the rain
-Draping the flag with the stars in the upper right corner, not in the upper left corner
-Using the flag for advertising purposes

I could go on. Technically, those 9/11 flags with the skyline of NYC and "9/11" in the blue field are also improper, and I've seen those displayed all over the place, including fire and police departments where people should know better. Disrespect to the flag out of ignorance, by people who claim to be "patriotic" pisses me off way more than the occasional flag-burning or performance art piece by some overpriveleged American leftist. But that's just me.

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