Saturday, June 10, 2006

Freak News

A few weeks ago I amused myself for a while by googling the word "freak" and looking at news items that came up. It's Saturday morning, I'm sitting here while Miz Bubs and our eldest finish the movie Kalifornia (everyone was too sleepy last night) and I'm looking through the freak news again.

I noticed something this time. When "freak" is used in a news headline, it almost inevitably refers to an accident, a death or weather. I was hoping that at least a few times it would refer to real freaks, you know, like the circus sideshow kind. Oh well. Here's some stories from today's freak news:

Moose Jaw softball player "Baseball Bob" died following a freak softball game accident.

This Washington Post editorial advises Democrats not to be control freaks.

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke makes the markets freak.

Freak weather system causes heavy rain in New England.

A freak polio outbreak drives Brangelina out of Namibia.

Finally! A story uses the phrase freak show--to describe drug use by baseball players. No tattoos, human blockheads or little people. Dang it.

Two workmen die in a freak power cable accident.

A deer versus county truck freak accident.

Canada contributes again, with two kids falling victim to freak accidents in Toronto.

If you think you might be succeptible to freak accident-related death, stay out of Canada. These two Australians died in a freak ski resort accident.

One dead in freak bicycle accident.

OK, NetFlix fans: get your Net Flix Freak on.

Sporting news from the Sunday Mirror: MY PETE'S NO FREAK. We're happy for them.

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