Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gardening News

Ahhh...the world may be a crazy mixed up place, but at least we have a garden.

The hollyhocks are about to flower. The purple coneflower is blooming. The vegetable garden is looking healthy, I'll start harvesting some baby lettuce and radishes tomorrow. The herb garden is doing great, as are all our prairie flowers and bushes. We still can't find the dang digital camera, though, so there aren't any pictures.

I finished putting the deck together today. I kind of zapped myself when I cut through the power cord with the circular saw, simultaneously putting the saw out of service just as I trimmed back the last corner of the frame. So I need to borrow a circular saw to trim back all the planks that make up the deck itself, but at least they're all attached. It's nice back there.

Keep your fingers crossed for the pond. Miz Bubs, girl genius, was reduced to abject tears this morning before she left for work. After all her efforts, there is a leak of some kind. It's in the pond itself, not the waterfall, and she thinks it's somewhere along a seam in the liner. The pond level went down by about 4 inches overnight. We're going to see if it goes down any more; if it does, well, then, we're in trouble. If it doesn't, it means that the leak is above the where the waterline is now (as of 8pm.) I felt terrible, all I could tell her was I was sorry and try and reassure her. She's worked so hard.

The lawn in back is lush and green, and it feels good to walk on barefoot. Our willow fencing arrived, and we need to find some stakes to put it in with.

We finally knocked off around 8pm. MizBubs lifted our moods by making some delicious gin and tonics with her favorite, Citadelle Gin. It's from France. Sure they sold stuff to Iraq (who didn't?) and some of them appeased the Nazis, but still--they do make some good spirits.

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