Sunday, June 25, 2006

Time to barbecue

Yeah, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Time to barbecue!

Miz Bubs, mistress of thrift, pulled a bag of unidentified meat out of the deepfreeze yesterday. Once it thawed enough I was able to see that it was about a pound and a half of country style ribs, fat meaty and boneless. Not enough to feed a whole family, but it's a start.

The ribs are out on the grill now, rubbed with some good dry spices, sitting over a drip pan full of water at 250-275 degrees. Got my hickory chips smoking, too. My back porch smells like Kentucky now. Specifically, it smells like the parking lot of Bootleg Barbecue on Bardstown Road just outside Louisville. Mmmmmm.

The ribs should be coming off the grill around 6. So, what's for dinner?

Grilled catfish
Roasted sweet potatoes
Southern green beans

I should make a chess pie, but I've got some cleaning to do first.

All Sunday afternoons should be like this.

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