Monday, July 17, 2006

Huggable Urns

Just what I said: huggable urns. An urn, filled with your loved one's cremains, shaped like cute little stuffed animals or pillows embroidered "hold me." I am not making this up.

Here's the opening of a story from the Detroit Free Press:

Wherever she goes -- to a restaurant, to visit family and friends, or to court where her husband faces a murder trial in August -- Lori Lemons takes her dead daughter with her.


Anonymous said...

My FIRST trip here (but mos' def not the last!) since driving my 9-y.o. stake thru AOHell's alleged heart.

Gawd how I loathe these "NEVER AGAIN!" posts. I mean "you guys" fucked "us guys" over despite der Poppenfuhrer's and predecessor's apologies.

Richest guy in Africa aside from Cecil Rhodes (nother sweetheart)was "Tippu Tip" aka Muhammad bin...sommething. Kinda the Vito Corleone of 19th c. slave-trade. He operated outta Zanzibar, East Africa. Tippu Tip supplied P.M. Disraeli honarary Aglican but an ambitious Jew-Boy with 20,000.. uh, "volunteers." Victoria needed to build the British East Africa RR and slavery was outlawed in 1808, soooo.....but you a cop, right?

Got this photo of Tippu Tip. If he ain't a nigger, I'm (shudder) Kordell Stewart. Keep the faith, such as what remains, bro :)
Keep de faith........

Kate said...

Um...I'm filing this somewhere in my head where I can NEVER FIND IT AGAIN.

Probably next to the "uncle in a box" phenomenon.