Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lady Liberty Trades in Some Trappings

I found this NY Times story courtesy of a poster on DailyKos. The diary entry is titled First Time Diarist: It Can't Happen Here. The pastor of the church that put up this monstrosity has also written that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for New Orleans' embrace of sin.

The statue cost $260,000. Says the pastor: "I personally feel that the answer for the poor is Jesus Christ."

Why not Liberty holding up a big dollar sign, or a 200-foot tall Buddy Christ?


Dub Martin said...

Now that's *really* gross.

Bring back the offensively jingoistic Liberace.

Bubs said...

I know what you mean. I look at this stuff,and I think, what's wrong with me? I"m not Christian enough to love a statue of Liberty holding a huge cross? Have I fallen that far?

People need to remember that separation of church and state was also put there to protect the church from the corrupting influence of politics and power. Clearly these folks didn't get the memo.