Saturday, July 08, 2006

The little canoe that could

We have a canoe!

An unfinished 17 foot Old Town wood and canvas canoe, waiting to be
-paid for
-picked up from Michigan, and
-repaired and restored

This means I have to re-read those canoe building books like NOW, and clean out our garage.

Here it is, the beginning of a new adventure:


Dub Martin said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

That is both wonderful and amazing. Congratulations. Of course I'm not envious at all.

And you're also going to Kalamazoo, home of Heritage Guitars (the old Gibson plant with the old Gibson luthiers). I was there about 1970 when Gibson was still there. Drove through there a few years ago on the way to Detroit but didn't stop.

I can't wait to see the canoe. I suppose this means I'll finally have to do something concrete about one of my own.

Good job!

Bubs said...

I was hoping you and Jan would come down and spend some time here, and perhaps along the way we'd get some work done on this thing.

Dub Martin said...

That would be great! Let's figure it out.