Thursday, July 13, 2006


This story courtesy of my sister-in-law (River Rat):

A wallaroo is missing in Bismark, frightened away from his home by a new puppy.

We're supposed to feel sorry for this marsupial because it got scared by a puppy? Hah! Wallaroos hate us just like all the rest of nature, and when given a chance they'll attack in a frenzy of kicking and clawing.

Residents of Bismark had better arm themselves with hammers and 9mm pistols as long as this wallaroo is on the loose. "This animal could look you eye to eye," said wildlife officer Lenny Barshinger. "They're very powerful animals for their size. They have formidable claws on their hands."

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Kate said...

You found it!

Maybe we should sic Gozer on it.