Thursday, July 20, 2006

The way I walk

Is just the way I walk...

The way I talk is just the way I talk...

Me and MizBubs watched The Cramps: Live at Napa State Mental Hospital last night when I got home from work. It was shot in 1978 at a mental hospital in California. The, uh, patients are right up there with the Cramps, in the words of James Brown: moving, grooving, doing it, you know? It's a short flick, and worth checking out. You wonder what kind of dope-smoking mental health worker thought this would be a good idea:


Anonymous said...

At UCLA Brain Research found myself in "the finals" for the hand of a lab assistant we'll call Marcia. Lost to the then youngest Don at King's College, Cambridge, UK. No shame there.

Few years after, my wife and I stayed with them in UK. Wow! Tony was and still is a great man - having long since 86ed Marcia.

Shoulda pegged her for a ball-buster per her poem about THE WAY I WALKED. Great and wonderfully funny. Gawd I lucked out amazingly well!

Anonymous said...

Marcia - continued.

My Wife the Christian (MWTC hereafter) did differently with the way I walk:

"What's so funny?" snapped the annoyed sales lady at MWTC.

"Him!" she smiled, pointing at me. "Look at the way he walks."

"He'll hear you!....." stammered the suddenly appalled sales lady who then fled when MWTC and I met, embraced to share a deep, psssionate kiss.

Marcia's humor ran in far different directions

Bubs said...

heh heh...sweet.