Friday, July 21, 2006

What's the deal with President Bush?

Is our president drinking?

Normally this isn't a subject I give much thought to. Ever since the post 9/11 pretzel-choking-while-watching-football-with-only-the-dog incident I've just assumed that the POTUS gets well into his cups from time to time. A few days ago, however a friend sent me a photo of Bush and Putin at a formal dinner.

OK, maybe it's jet lag. We all know the president is an early-rising, workout-obsessed person. It's not like he's used to staying up late at night reading a good book.

But then the other incidents at the G-8:

Yo, Blair! The POTUS summons his best bud at the summit, Tony Blair, by calling out "Yo Blair" and then talks to him with a mouth full of dinner roll. CLASSY!

The Bush-Merkel neck rub. Yes, the POTUS sneaks up behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and playfully squeezes the back of her neck and shoulders. You can see the film of it here.

Also, while in Germany, a little German baby obviously didn't get the script and it made for an amusing photo op. Maybe the kid could smell the schnapps and was afraid the POTUS was about to burst into flames.

Finally, once Bush was back in the US, and hopefully got some sleep, he went to address the NAACP conference. And promptly slapped a black man.

They say alcohol loosens inhibitions. Maybe it's not booze. Maybe he's just got a bad case of grab-ass.


Anonymous said...

Do ANY of these photos look like a world leader who's been SLEEPING WITH HIS SECRETARY OF STATE? Of course not.

Bloggers like you helped find the source of equally baseless rumors that distiguished WH reporter Jeff Gannon had been a male prostitute. What a laugh!

Mr. Gannon, as you know, was a long time aide to several of the President's advisors. Mr. Bush's press conference messages are now hampered by the absence of Mr. Gannon's incisive yet respectful questioning.

The President thanks you for your
loyal support in dangerous times.
Thank you for helping quash this totally unfounded rumor.

Bawb said...

see above

Anonymous said...

Please leave one more comment, we haven't traced the isp yet... said...

Fantastic Blog, I appreciate your efforts to advocate for the rights of Wiccans, and those of us who are palindromes.
Bob, boB (spelled with one o)

PS you have a lovely wife, isn't she related to Betty Boop?