Friday, August 18, 2006

Reporting from the fabulous Orleans Hotel & Casino

It's 8:17am here in sunny Las Vegas. Miz Bubs is sleeping soundly and I am rehydrating. This has been a wonderful and unique trip for us so far, notable especially for:

--Lack of Vegas nerves. I've slept like a rock, at least 8 hours, both nights so far.
--Sleep. Lots of sleep.
--Early bedtimes!?! Yes, early bedtimes. Just after midnight and just before midnight. I have no idea how this happened.
--Tom Jones. A god-like figure among men. Get me to 60 years old, bring on the hair dye and permatan baby! I have a plan!
--Time by the pool. At least an hour or two every day.

Time to go. I have to try and find a flower shop, there isn't one in the casino.

See y'all soon.


Dub Martin said...

I have to say this is really bizarre. You're on vacation, in Las Vagas, just the two of you, AND YOU MISS YOUR BLOG!!!

But I'm glad you're relaxing and having a good time.

Bubs said...

Miss the blog? Good lord no. And as much as I like you guys, I didn't even feel a need to check in with you.

What happened was that I visited the business center to check car rental rates online (we were thinking of renting a car and driving into the mountains), and check to see if I got an email from a potential client.

After paying my $5 for computer access I wanted to get my money's worth. The worst part was that I couldn't bring my bloody mary into the computer room with me.

Kate said...


You have the life.

You know he's the ring on my new cell phone.

Bubs said...

Cooler than the other side of the pillow. What tune?