Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hold On

This song always reminded me of MizBubs when I first met her. We actually spent a night together at the Riverside Motel, just a couple days before we went away for Army basic training. The Riverside Motel is long gone--it's a park now, and the .99 store across the street is gone too. This song always makes me want to throw my arms around around her and make the world stop.


Kate said...

Excellent choices today.

Not that I need my maudlin fed, but it's always nice.

Dub Martin said...

I have to admit, Tom Waits is pretty cool.

Thanks for this one too.

Anonymous said...

i love how certain songs will remind you of certain situations.

Bubs said...

I was stokin my maudlin in a large way last night. Whew.

Thank God today's a sunny, crisp day and my mini-vacation starts tomorrow.

Katy, I just ran across a story a few weeks ago (and dammit I can't find it now) that explained why songs you hear as a teenager leave such a big impression on you. I have to go look for that again.