Friday, September 29, 2006

Leonard Cohen

I've always liked Leonard Cohen, from a distance. I don't own a single Leonard Cohen record and I don't think I can name more than two or three of his songs. But I like him, that droning deadpan voice and all. Just not enough to, you know, do anything about it like buy a record of his.

Imagine my surprise tonight, when, drinking a beer in a sports bar with my fellow detective sergeant, I heard a Leonard Cohen song on the jukebox. Someone in the place other than yours truly clearly had a sense of humor.

I can't even remember what the song was.


Kate said...

We own a bunch. I think my big reason for liking him is that the soundtrack to Natural Born Killers is all his stuff.

Steve and I heart that movie. We keep meaning to go as Micky and Malory for halloween.

Dale said...

You summed that up perfectly. Maybe the film is a decent place to find out a little more about Leonard which I can then forget.