Friday, September 29, 2006

So you think your coworkers are bad?

At least they're not trying to poison you with mercury:

The Miami Herald reports that Robert Friedlander, a University of Miami employee, tried killing his boss by sprinkling liquid mercury in his work area. Friedlander was reportedly angry over a written reprimand he got for cursing.

Mr. Friedlander worked in the collections department.


Dale said...

I heard about this on the news in the middle of several other horrific items. I shake my head and change the channel, sometimes it's all too effed up.

Bubs said...

I find that only see out the freakish crime stories, the ones that describe truly bizarre methods or incredibly stupid bad guys, or that just strike me somehow as weirdly entertaining. I can't stand watching most cop shows on TV, and I avoid Court TV like the clap. But give me a story about body parts, necrophilia, strippers, handicapped criminals or degenerate drunks/dope fiends and I'm all over it.