Friday, September 01, 2006

A tale of two compounds...continued

This is the farm owned by some of MizBubs' extended family (her sister's in-laws) about an hour west of Dubuque, Iowa. I keep these images on my desktop at work as a reminder of what I'm working for.

Blue skies, old barn, gently rolling landscape. Ahhh...there's a nice creek rolling through also. They have about 200 acres, with a nice variety of pasture, alfalfa fields, bottomland and woods. We'll be camping there in a few weeks, drinking, playing music, dogs running around, cooking over a big-ass fire. We usually camp alongside the creek, down in the bottom.

This is the first vision of the compound I wanted to show you. It could look something like this, and it could be anywhere in the upper south or midwest.


Kate said...

That's a gorgeous picture of Pine Creek.

Just fantastic.

Katy said...

very nice and quiet. Grumpy and I were actually talking about getting a place away somewhere quiet. I want it somewhere with mountains and a river or lake close enough to get to civilization when needed far enough not to be bothered by it. However I do need WIFI in the house.