Monday, October 23, 2006

Blue Monday

Lord I'm in a funk this morning, and for no good reason. Part of it is that I have to spend the afternoon and evening interviewing applicants for an open detective position, and I'm not looking forward to it. Also, MizBubs is going out of town next weekend, which--aside from the obvious loss of consortium I'll be suffering--means that I have to come up with a new costume idea for the Halloween party. We were going to go as Lizzie Borden and her father, and I got some really, really good gore makeup planned, but alas, it is not to be.

I should at least feel satisfied that I finished the fence repair this weekend, and the damaged tree is down. MizBubs, girl genius, rigged a climbing harness and some improvised safety headgear for me and held the lines steady so I could get to the high limbs safely, scampering to and fro like a lemur with a chainsaw. Then she applied ice, soothing words and beverages as needed.

Here are the before and after pics. The main section of replaced fence is just above and to the right of the stump in the "after" photo.


Beth said...

Go as the iPod ad. Paint yourself black ... wear all black ... put a flourescent green poster board on your back ... and carry around your white iPod with the white earbuds.

Kate said...

I loved that tree.

Johnny Yen said...

In college, I usually went as Mr. Rogers-- I found the perfect cardigan sweater at Goodwill. My best costume, however, was as Halloween of '93 when I went as Mr. Orange, Tim Roth's character from Reservoir Dogs. I had a suit, a white shirt, which I'd smeared Halloween "vampire blood" on, and a tie. I got a fake pistol and waved it around all night yelling about "all this blood is scaring the shit out of me, Larry!"

It was beautiful-- the party that my friend Joe (who dressed as the "ex-Cub factor") went to was in a warehouse. I laid down on the ramp and everybody excitedly said "Hey-- he's the guy from Reservoir Dogs." It was pretty funny. They all had seen it, which I suppose says something about the crowd I run with.

I did it again the next year, after my son was born. My now-ex-girlfriend refused to let me dress him up in a little policeman's uniform and put a bandage over his ear.

Mizbubs said...

Okay, NOBODY thinks it's unlikely that I, MizBubs, girl genius, helped Bubs cavort in the tree-tops? Ah, you gullible people!