Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween's last gasp

The girls threw a nice little Halloween party at the compound this weekend. The nice thing about it was, it gave us an excuse to leave the Halloween decorations up a few days longer. That, and it gave us a good reason to rent a bunch more scary movies.

Our eldest had a banner week. She got to attend an evening with Tom Savini, and met him afterward. He even signed her copy of the original Dawn of the Dead. She followed this up by attending a small zombie walk on Halloween night. What a gal.

Our youngest sewed her own rag doll costume, and even put a wig together out of yarn. Clever girl.

Enjoy the pics and say goodbye to Halloween until next year.


Beth said...

May I come stay with y'all next Halloween? You do it right, Bubs.

Coaster Punchman said...

I like the tablecloth. Reminds me of a bag of Wonder Bread.

Bubs said...

Funny you should say that CP. In fact, it's a family heirloom--passed down by MizBubs to her daughters, the result of a long-ago 3rd grade craft project, made up of SEVERAL Wonder Bread bags fused together with hot glue. Good eye!

Beth, any time.