Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Let's listen to some ska music

Beth's feature on the English Beat album I Just Can't Stop It reminded me how much I liked ska music, and how much I haven't been listening to it lately. I immediately got I Just Can't Stop It loaded into iTunes, and am now looking for some other old favorites like The Specials, and The Selecter.

So now it's Tuesday morning. I stayed up late, slept late, and now I get to sit here with my eldest daughter, drinking coffee and listening to ska music. ^_^

She's turned me on to a couple of bands that she likes, Mustard Plug and Streetlight Manifesto. My musical horizon shrinks, and then expands again.

Out of all those bands, though, I always liked The Specials best. So here's a video. Enjoy:


Johnny Yen said...

Isn't it great that our children help us listen to our old music with new ears, the same that they help they help us see our old world with new eyes?

I loved the late '70s/early 80's second ska wave. I didn't care much for the third wave of ska (early 90's)-- I didn't find them warm enough. I think I like this one, though.

Beth said...

Damn; my office firewall has the video blocked. I love The Specials ... so I'm off to cue up "Ghost Town" ... sadly, the only Specials MP3 I have at the office.