Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dude! Will White Castle profits soar along with US weed production?

According to this article in the Guardian, marijuana is now the NUMBER ONE CASH CROP IN THE UNITED STATES. I'm sorry, didn't mean to yell.

As someone from the midwest, who's spent hours driving through apparently endless fields of corn and soybeans, I find the idea that American-grown weed is worth more than all that corn and soy just mind-boggling.

The study appears here on the Bulletin for Cannabis Reform page. You can read about their estimation methods here.

I remember reading, years ago, that marijuana had passed tobacco as the top crop in states like Kentucky and North Carolina. Well, here's the top ten producing states according to this table:

1) California (no surprise there)
2) Tennessee
3) Kentucky (do I swell with home state pride? Or what?)
4) Hawaii
5) Washington
6) North Carolina
7) Florida
8) Alabama
9) West Virginia
10) Oregon

Illinois placed 19, behind our Hoosier neighbors to the east (17). We are, however, way ahead of Iowa (43) and Wisconsin (27). Evidently cornfed meth freaks and brandy-swilling cheeseheads don't have what it takes to make good pot farmers.


Echo said...

Woa... Dude... Look at all those *red* states.... heh....

Bubs said...

Hah! I almost mentioned that specifically--that 6 out of 10 biggest dope-growing states are red states! Thank you for noticing. That's one of those ironies...like, if the death penalty is supposed to be a deterrent, then why is it that the states with the most police officers killed are generally the ones with the highest execution rates?

Kate said...

I could have told you it wasn't us. We are ALL about the meth.

Bubs said...

And the pork tenderloin!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not a lot of cause/effect analysis going on in the criminal mind, I imagine.

Does this mean that there'll also be a corresponding spike in the ratings of Sanford and Son and Gilligan's Island reruns, too?

Bubs said...

Johnny, absolutely. When I got this story emailed to me, my response was that I was immediately calling my broker to increase my shares in Dorito, White Castle, Oreo and Cartoon Network.

Speaking as a law enforcement professional, I say this:

I have yet, in 18 years, to ever get in a fight with an enraged pothead.

Anonymous said...

That is my arguement for legalization of that particular medication. In fact, I say they should parachute bales of it into the ghetto-- the murder rates would plummet:

"I'd get up an' bust a cap in yo' ass, but I'm way too baked, I've got a bag of cheetos and there's a great Sanford and Son rerun on."

Bubs said...

Remember the character Floyd (played by Brad Pitt) in the movie True Romance? A perfect example of your theory.