Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Random Ten: December 8

Rainy Night In Soho – The Pogues

Rocky Road Blues – Bill Monroe

Sister, Do You Know My Name? – White Stripes

Baby How Long – Howlin Wolf

All Tomorrow’s Parties – Velvet Underground

I’ll Shoot the Moon – Tom Waits

Psyche – Nouvelle Vague

Fool I Am – Pat Ferguson

Jack the Ripper – Link Wray

All Guitars – The Flying Lizards


Tenacious S said...

I love The Flying Lizards!!!!! I know what I'm dropping in the CD player in my car this morning.

Anonymous said...

Love "All Tomorrow's Parties." John Cale on Nico: "It was your basic case of the guitar player's (i.e. Lou Reed) girlfriend gets to sing."

Bubs said...

"All Tomorrow's Parties" was supposedly Andy Warhol's favorite song by the VU.

Ten, I should've included the lead singer from the Flying Lizards in that 5 crushes thing a few weeks ago. I had a raging crush on their lead singer, sight unseen, just based on her voice.

Johnny, what can you say about Nico? A friend of mine gave me a 45 single by Claudine Longet (the woman who shot that skier to death in the 70's) and we found that when you played it at 33rpm she sounded a lot like Nico.

Anonymous said...

I had a crush on the singer from Romeo Void based on her voice (and subject matter-- "I might like you better if we slept together...."). Seeing the vid cured me of my crush.

The skier, BTW, was "Spider" Sabich-- one fact I somehow know, of my infinite supply of useless facts.

Another uselss fact-- the singer in the Lizards spoke no English-- she did the songs phonetically, which I think added to the charm (remember that they also did "Summertime Blues?")

Do you remember that Saturday Night Live bit, where they took footage of skiers falling down on the slopes, added a voiceover commentary, peppered by gunshots whenever one of them fell and dubbed it the Claudine Longet Ski Shoot? It was one of the few times they actually had to apologize the next week for a sketch. It was in pretty bad taste. And pretty damned funny, too.

Damn-- now I'm going to have to try to find a Claudine Longet 45, or I'll die of curiosity.

Bubs said...

I remember that Saturday Night Live bit--they mentioned Claudine cleaning her gun, etc. Cool!

That makes sense that the Flying Lizards gal spoke phonetically. I remember her sound especially on Summertime Blues: "I'm gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler" pronounced very precisely, but somehow off. That explains it.

lulu said...

Claudine Longet was Andy Wuilliam's ex-wife.

lulu said...

there's no U in Williams.