Wednesday, December 20, 2006 sweets

I have just had a very, very tasty finish to my meal.

Last Friday I ordered some sweets from Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoppe. I had run across her blog Jintrinsique Unplugged a while ago, and saw a few people talk about her baked goods. Well, let me tell you, they are delicious.

We ordered some black pearl truffles, and some pecan tassies. When the package arrived today, Jin graciously included a lagniappe: a sample of two petits four, which MizBubs immediately declared, upon tasting, to be the best petits four she'd ever had. So there.

The pecan tassies were buttery, flaky little pecan pie tarts that just melt away on the palate. They are pleasantly lighter and less dense than I'd pictured them when I ordered. The black pearl truffles were exceptional--both daughters went silent, eyes wide, and made contented little mewing sounds upon eating them. The contrast between the toasted sesame seeds and dark chocolate shell, and the soft rich center, is really wonderful. It dances on the tongue.

Ahh, the sweets of Christmas. Only a few more days to go. I'm gonna fatten up reeeaal good.


Anonymous said...

And just imagine you can drive to her shop when ever you want more its only like 2hs from you.

I have a sneaking suspicion there is a sweetbox on its way to me as Jin insists for me to go to the office tomorrow even though we were given off for the holiday.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Coaster Punchman talk up Jin's treats and I salivate a little more each time I think of them.

jin said...

What a wonderful post!
Thank you...I am truly glad you enjoyed everything!

Bubs said...

Dale, time to stop salivating and start consuming. It's worth it. Heck, Wisconsin is practically Canada anyway.

Katy, if you're getting comped sweet boxes you're one lucky so and so. Sadly, Manitowoc is a little more than 2 hours away from here.

Jin, I'm glad you liked my post nearly as much as I liked your truffles. They are unbelievably tasty. Those black pearls especially. Everyone went goofy for em.

Coaster Punchman said...

i cant type b/c i have 1 of her mint brownies in my other hand. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!