Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Reflections on Gerald Ford

The recent death of President Gerald Ford has given me cause for reflection, as I'm sure it has most Americans. Specifically, I started thinking about Lynette "Squeeky" Fromme. And then, shortly after, how much Squeeky Fromme, in some pictures, looked like Pee Wee Herman.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on him today:

1. Why was it that a President who was, by all accounts, a very nice guy, the victim of two assassination attempts? And by women! WTF?

2. That as angry as many people were at Ford for pardoning Nixon, in retrospect it was absolutely the right thing to do to get the country moving forward.

3. That my friend Larry had him in the Dead Pool. And since December is the lightning round, all deaths are worth double, and that puts him in first place. That heartless bitch Tammy Faye Baker is not going to come through for me. For god's sake, she's been in a hospice for a year. I think she's faking.

Anonymous said...

...and for god's sake, wouldn't you be angry if your nickname was "Squeaky?"

lulu said...

My brother was going through a brief misguided republican phase when Ford was in office and made us go see him at Woodfield Mall. Can you imagine a president doing that today?

Bubs said...

Johnny, who runs your dead pool? Are there openings for 2007, and what's the criteria. I know someone who used to run one, and the obit had to appear in Time Magazine for it to count.

Lulu, was Ford giving out W.I.N. buttons? MizBubs still has hers.

Kate said...

The Erazmi and Kaplans do a death pool too. I don't think they bet though, just rack up the points. And Adam always wins.

I still like my comment on James Brown.

I Don't feel good, na na na na na na.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we don't do it for money-- just the glory. And the right to have the travelling trophy in your house for a year.

Just found out that Ford may have died on Christmas Day, which increases the bonus for Larry. Even if Tammy Faye goes, I may not be able to reach him.

There's still time to get in on the pool-- email me at if you want in.

Anonymous said...

And they're both either waving or ewwwing there. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bubs-- Any and all are welcome to the Golden Ghoul Dead Pool. It's run by a friend's brother. Here's how it works: Ten picks that you rank 10 points down to 1 point-- you want to make the likliest one to go the highest points (e.g. my #1 pick is Tammy Faye, who would be 10 points, times two for the lightning round).

You also have to pick an additional Kennedy pick-- to be a Kennedy is pretty loose; for instance Arnold Schwartenegger, Maria Shriver, R. Sergaent Shriver and Eunice Shriver all qualify as Kennedy's.

Plus, one Under 40 pick. Rap stars and Robert Downey Jr. are popular Under 40 picks.

So in the end, you will end up having 12 picks. Email me at and I can email you the rules, the email of the Dead Pool commisioner (and a picture of the travelling trophy-- a golden ghoul, appropriately). You have until midnight on New Year's Eve to enter.