Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Eskimo Pie!

One of my favorite websites is the New Orleans Menu, run by New Orleans food writer Tom Fitzmorris. Over the years I've found lots of great N.O. restaurants that, as a guy from Chicago, I probably wouldn't have found otherwise. He's got an email list that I subscribe to, the New Orleans Menu Daily, where he sends out restaurant reviews, recipes, and random thoughts and factoids about food.

Thanks to Mr. Fitzmorris I found out that today is the birthday of the Eskimo Pie. And guess what, fellow midwesterners? The Eskimo Pie originated in Iowa! Yes, Iowa's not just about corn and soy and pigs, it can also be about tasty chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick.

Eskimo Pies were originally sold by a fellow named Christian Nelson, in 1920, under the name "I-Scream Bars." The name Eskimo Pie was recommended by Mrs. Stover after Nelson cut a deal with Russel Stover Candies on this date in 1922.

The Smithsonian has the entire history of the Eskimo Pie here.

Today is also the birthday of canned beer. The Gottfried Kreuger Brewing Company of Newark New Jersey first sold their Finest Beer and Cream Ale on this date in 1935.


Johnny Yen said...

Other midwestern, specifically Chicago, culinary innovations:

The Corn Dog
Ice Cream Cones
Cracker Jack
Tootsie rolls

We do have a way with fine dining here, don't we?

Nothing says growing up in the Chicago area quite like Old Style in a can, does it?

Tenacious S said...

Happy Birthday, Canned Beer!

Tenacious S

P.S. You're an Aquarius just like me!