Friday, February 09, 2007

Freezing cold and miserable random ten

Even though it's freezing cold and miserable here, there's great tunes to warm you up over at Dale's and Johnny Yen's.

Make It Rain—Tom Waits

Hittin’ the Bottle Stomp—Mississippi Jook Band

Doin’ My Time—Johnny Cash

What Keeps Mankind Alive—Tom Waits

She’s About a Mover—Sir Douglas Quintet

Rockin’ Bongos—Chaino

I Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself—Dusty Springfield

Blue Suede Shoes—Carl Perkins

The Black Angel’s Death Song—The Velvet Underground

Voodoo Dreams—Les Baxter


Johnny Yen said...

Hot damn, what a list! Two Tom Waits, a Johnny Cash, Sir Douglas Quintet, Velvet Underground and on top of it all, Carl Perkins' original of "Blue Suede Shoes?" Sometimes the shuffle just knows, doesn't it?

Isn't "What Keeps Mankind Alive" from the "Lost in the Stars" collect of Kurt Weill songs? I have it on vinyl, plus a couple of songs I've been able to download, including Lou Reed's take on "September Song." The cd is very rare and difficult to find.

Also worth finding from that same collection:
Ballad of the Soldier's Wife- Marianne Faithful
Mack the Knife- Sting
Alabama Song- Richard Butler (of Psychedelic Furs)

Bubs said...

I don't know if it appears on that collection, Johnny. I got this one off the Orphans 3-cd set.

Tenacious S said...

That is a chilly mix, Bubs.

Dale said...

Would you look at the list on you.

Also look at the song titles, they belong in pairs.

Tom Waitses two!