Friday, March 23, 2007

Good news!

Strindberg and Helium is back! Strindberg and Helium has been around for several years, but most of the site had been inaccessible for the past year or so because of some arrangement with Comedy Central. Now there's no longer any Comedy Central link on the page, and you can once again view all four films.

The films chronicle the interaction between grim Swedish playwright August Strindberg (here's a quote: "When they say Christ descended into Hell, they mean that he descended to earth, this penitentiary, this madhouse and morgue of a world") and a cheerful pink balloon sidekick named Helium.

I think my favorite is Absinthe and Women.


Mob said...

Bizarre films sir, quite amusing.

Has this artist/animator turned up doing anything else I should know about?

Bubs said...

Not that I've seen. I can't remember if I found this or my kids did, but it was a few years ago. My youngest has a "helium" tee shirt, and we've always hoped for some more of those little features.

Tenacious S said...

Those were great! Thanks!

Dale said...

Wonderful Bubs! It may be time for a new journal or mousepad for me. I wish I had a Helium to float around and echo me like that.