Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Bubs tagged me! So, this is Mizbubs, in expository mode.

A- Available or Single?

Even when I was single, I was never truly "available" to anyone but Bubs.

B- Best Friend?

Bubs, my daughters Nora and Hannah, my sister Kate, my niece Terra. It's all about family...

C- Cake or Pie?

Totally pie. You can put anything, sweet or savory in a pie, and it's fabulous. Even a moose turd, right Dad?

D- Drink of Choice?

We're talking alcohol here, right? C'mon, you know we are! Beer. Really good beer. Dark and rich, malty with a creamy head in the winter. Paler, hoppy, but still full-bodied in the summer...

E- Essential Item?

I know it sounds ingenuous, but I'm not much for essential items. Ask Bubs. Ask my kids how I react when a beautiful vase, piece of china, etc. is broken. I like to be warm, dry and well-fed, but I have low standards for all of those things.

F- Favorite Color?


G- Gummi Bears or worms?

Who can resist sour gummi worms slithering down your throat?

H- Hometown?

Chicago. I'm from an area that was called Hollywood Park when I was a kid. Now I think it's called Peterson Park for the park that used to be a tuberculosis sanitarium. I was only in grammar school, but I cried when Mayor Daley died.

I- Indulgence?

Undeserved self-pity. And chocolate, of course.

J- January or February?

February. If I make it to my birthday (February 28), the rest of the year is a piece of cake!

K- Kids?

Yes, thank god. If life were a sci-fi novel, Bubs and I would've been designated breeders. We breed easily, and produce a superior product.

L- Life is incomplete without?


M- Marriage date?

June 21, 1986. Twenty-one calendar years, and yet I haven't aged a day...

N- Number of siblings?

Oh, this can get complicated! Three much older brothers on my mothers side, one much younger sister on my fathers side. I also have a nephew and niece who are near my age, and endured much of the same childhood trauma I did. How many does that make?

O- Oranges or apples?

Apples, but fruit nirvana for me is a perfect, sweet/tart, juice-running-down-your-chin plum.

P- Phobias/fears?

Heights. Especially standing at the top of a flight of stairs. Don't ask.

Q- Favorite Quote?

"Take it easy, but take it." Woody Guthrie

R- Reasons to smile?


S- Season?

Fall. I would love ten months of October, punctuated by July and December.

T- Tag 3 people

No, it's not in my nature to tag anyone.

U- Unknown fact about me

I'm a repressed girly-girl.

V- Vegetable you hate?

I have learned there are no bad vegetables, only bad methods of preparation. What made my mother think boiled carrots and celery would be good?

W- Worst habit?

Not really listening.

X- X-rays you've had?

Chest (bike injury as a kid), left ankle (snapped the tendons jumping over a puddle), right ankle (slipped on ice down the stairs), MRI's of neck for herniated disk, obligatory mammogram when I turned 40.

Y- Your favorite foods?

Hmmm, I really like food....

Z- Zodiac?

OK, it's often accurate, but isn't that how it's written?


Dino aka Katy said...

self pity and chocolate I am in agreement with those

Bubs said...

Baby I love it when you get expository. I think I gots to have you put on something special and describe beer to me again.

Dale said...

Damn! I thought that 'take it easy but take it' quote was mine! Back to the drawing board. Nice answers.

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