Monday, June 25, 2007

Lost Weekend

What a weekend.

I mean that almost completely in a good way. Friday night we went out to celebrate our anniversary and had a swell time. Great meal, lots of fun, shacked up in a hotel room overnight. A blast.

We were driving home Saturday morning when my cell phone rang. It was our youngest, telling me that my fellow sergeant was calling our home phone trying to find me. She said he sounded concerned, and that it was VERY important that I call him right away. It was at that moment that I realized I didn't have my Nextel with me. I called him right away, and as we drove along I heard words like "armed robbery" and "two of the offenders had handguns" and "car chase" and "crashed into a parked car" and "in custody after a foot pursuit" and "the midnight sergeant couldn't reach you" and felt like a world class retard. As it turned out there wasn't much for detectives to do except interview the bad guys and work with felony review to charge them. I ended up going in for a couple of hours that afternoon to check up on things, and other than how embarrassed I felt everything was under control.

The most important thing was that we were still able to make it to Club Lago to meet Chris and Megan. What a sweet couple! I gotta tell you, they looked none the worse for having moved halfway across the country. During a lull in the conversation my attention wandered to the TV over the bar, and what came on? Lost Weekend, starring Ray Milland. We ended up having a great little conversation about hardboiled novels and pulp artwork with one of the owners, a friend of Chris'. What a good time. MizBubs and I bugged out just before dinner and headed home.

What followed on Sunday was another 14 hour day, some sleep, and another 14 hour day today--so far it's 20+ hours of overtime in the past 5 days, which just heightens the sense of unreality after being blissfully out of contact with the rest of the world Friday night.

Hopefully I'll surface again later this week in time to take the eldest to visit UIC and Columbia College.

Enjoy your week.


Chris said...

Great meeting you guys! We'll have to do it again sometime!

Johnny Yen said...

You "forgot" to bring your work phone-- if that wasn't a Freudian slip, I don't know what is!

And you know of course, that if you'd brought the phone, nothing would have happened.

Sounds like the perps' antics are fodder for more "Stupid Criminal Tricks."

Sorry I missed the gathering, though I did have a great time hanging out with my kids!

Mob said...

Sounds like a great weekend was had by all, except those trying to get in touch with ya!

Good luck college hunting.

Beth said...

Did anyone else show up for the Chicago meet-up?

jewgirl said...

tag. you're it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So cruel, making you work after all that blissing out. Work is highly overrated.

kim said...

Wow Bubs,
Cops, Robbers, Guns, Women and a cocktail.

You are an American Icon.

jewgirl said...

bubsie, what no email address?

question, are you up for posting about guth's reading series at the fixx tomorrow night?