Sunday, July 29, 2007

OK, W T F ?

So I'm sitting there with MizBubs, enjoying the end of the evening, catching up on the news. I look up and see a commercial featuring a bunch of guys sitting around some vaguely southern roadhouse/Cracker Barrel restaurant-looking set, and they were playing a homogenized honky tonk version of Viva Las Vegas.

Only they weren't.

Good lord I'm tired of boner medicine ads. I really am.


jin said...

Actually, one of my fave adverts is the prescription for guys to make thier hair grow back.

If you listen closely to the side effects in the end, it clearly states that it can cause sexual dysfunction and impotence in certain individuals.

"Hey honey! Sorry I can't fuck you...but I've got hair!"

Danny Tagalog said...

That's awful.

Impotence is thankfully something unthinkable for me now, but I'm sure 'the machine' needs plenty of exercise, be attached to a healthy eater's body who also stays positive.

I hate the pharmaceutical quick fix con artists.

Splotchy said...

Hey, if this is what I have to do to get back into the swing of playing in a band, erectile dysfunction here I come!

Mob said...

God, that was awful.

I'm gonna throw up and go to bed now.

Bubs said...

mob, it made me want to listen to "My Generation" (I hope I die before I get old) over and over and get violently drunk.

Splotchy, I'm sorry. We can't let that happen.

Danny, I just read that Viagra is putting out these new commercials because their sales figures have dropped. You're right about con artists and "the machine", it's amazing how much ED is caused by other medications. SO what's the solution? MORE MEDS!

Jin, those quick end-of-commercial warnings are at once horrifying and hilarious. I crack up every time I hear the phrase "anal leakage" or the warning about boners lasting more than 4 hours. Get this--I heard an ad for "restless leg syndrome" medicine that warned about "inappropriate sexual conduct" as a side effect! So, ideally, you'd hook up the middle aged broad with jimmy leg who's turned into a nymphomaniac from her meds with the guy with the cialis-induced priapism. Win-Win!

Dino aka Katy said...

well I hadn't seen this one but there are so many these days at least this one sounds half way good

Bubs said...

katy, I guess this one just came out a few days ago. I, for one, felt violated by the Viagra people. I recognized the chords for Viva Las Vegas, and that made me look up from my book, and then I thought what are all these guys my age from the Dockers ads doing playing guitars, and then, just as that was registering, I started to understand the lyrics, and THEN I HEAD THE VIVA VIAGRA LINE AND IT DISTURBED ME.

Doc said...

"If your stiffy ain't so spiffy, grab this in a jiffy!"

Why can't they make them like the ol' Burmashave signs?