Saturday, August 04, 2007

The disease sensation that's sweeping the nation

Splotchy has recently performed an essential public service, and not a moment too soon. He has identified a rapidly transmogrifying disease:

The Spreading Virus of Shy Avatars

Within minutes of reading his post, I discovered that MizBubs has now fallen. Witness:



Check your avatars. It's spreading.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think you are right. It would appear that I was infected a while ago. I blame Myspace.

Splotchy said...

From what I have read, alcohol is not a cure, but it does tend to slow the spread.

Doc said...

Again Splotchy nails it. There is no cure, but alcohol is a sure a help. I used it this evening when I was considering a "look away from the camera photo."


jin said...

It almost got me.
But I caught it just in time!

Chris said...

Is that Condi Rice? The hairstyle is a dead-ringer.

Bubs said...

Chris, I think that's how Condi dresses for those special meetings with W.

Jin, glad you pulled back from the brink.

Doc, is any kind of alcohol better than any other for this?

Splotchy, thanks for the heads up.

Barbara, I wonder if curly hair predisposes one to this particular condition?