Saturday, September 22, 2007

A chicken in every pot!

That's what I'm promising if you vote for me over at Blog Interviewer.

Click on this here link to see my interview.

I know I'm like, weeks behind the cool kids like Dale, Barbara, BeckEye and Splotchy. What can I say...I'm slow to commit sometimes.

Now, please listen--I'm counting on all of you to start voting, early and often. Because, in true Cook County fashion, if I win any of the cash prizes I will give my most prized constituents lucrative patronage jobs. And I'll use the money to buy you drinks.


BeckEye said...

Sure, I'll vote for you. But people really need to start voting for me more often. Those naked pics of Splotchy and Dale are burning a hole in my pocket.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm voting for you too, Bubs, and you too, Beckeye. Thinking of starting an Anybody But Dale campaign. How quickly the worms turns.

Dale said...

There's lots of time for you to catch up Bubs but I'd also promise some vegetables with that chicken just to be sure.

I've voted for all of us, I mean you.
I'm sort of eager to see how the photos of Splotchy and me turned out too.

Bubs said...

Someone remind me, what was the deal with the naked pics again? Because the only ones of me, I'm wearing a gun belt, a big ugly wristwatch and black gold-toe socks.

Dale said...

Beckeye promised that if she won, she had naked photos of me and Splotchy. I'm pretty sure nobody will want to see that now that they've heard about your gold toes. I'm off to vote.

Anonymous said...

It's not an election in Cook County until the dead finish voting.