Monday, September 17, 2007

Hero cops reprimanded in gator incident

This story is from southside bureau chief Dena.

Two intrepid cops in Altamonte Springs, Florida, called on to confront a rogue alligator rampaging through an apartment complex, took quick and decisive action. They wrestled the gator into submission, saving God knows how many lives in the process.

Are they being feted like heroes? Commended for their actions?

No. They are being "counseled" which in police administrative jargon is the first step on the disciplinary ladder, right before verbal or written reprimand. That's right--instead of turning that gator into a 4-legged lead mine with whatever firepower they had handy, they went hands-on to neutralize the threat. No ricocheting bullets, no collateral damage. And now some police administrator, obviously soft on the issue of gator violence, wants to "counsel" them.

Sheesh. People wonder why cops burn out.

I can only hope that department's narcotics investigators take a close look at the residents of that apartment complex. Narcozoology tells us that, if alligators lurk in a residential area, so does the dope fiend.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Those guys are the kind of cops I want on my beat.

Grant Miller said...

Do you encounter many gators in the Chicago area?

Bubs said...

Grant, no. Usually it's just lounge lizards.

Dr MVM, no kidding, huh? Balls the size of church bells.

Anonymous said...

Maybe their Seargent was just jealous he wasn't invited to the after hours gator fry/beer bash.

Dino aka Katy said...

yeah lets go and yell at those cops for using common sense I mean it would have been much better to just shoot the gator who cares if a few bullets could have hit bystanders

Danny Tagalog said...

Great story - more rificulous admin , eh? What was the alligator doing there anyway!

Coaster Punchman said...

Wait, is shooting what they were supposed to do? Aren't there animal control specialists to call who would come deal with that rather than shooting it?

Why do gators on the property and dope fiends go hand in hand?

Bubs said...

CP, there's a high correlation between drug use and ownership of reptiles as pets. The freakier the dope fiend, the bigger the lizard. The cops felt that they had to do something right away, before animal control could get there. Shooting would only be proper if the gator had attacked someone.

Danny, that's the problem with Florida. Alligators think they own the place.

Katy, no kidding.

Kirby, I bet not the sergeant, but probably a lieutenant or higher. I know I'd be furious if I got left out of a scene like that.