Monday, July 21, 2008

Multiple choice

Pictured above is:

a) A space alien
b) A ferocious bog monster
c) A fruit bat
d) A dog with low-self esteem who'll do anything to make people happy

Pictured above is:

a) MizBubs' hand after a gardening accident
b) A film clip from a little known Giallo movie
c) MizBubs' hand after cleaning and sorting an entire case of black raspberries
d) MizBubs' hand after a makeup test by our eldest.

Pictured above is:

a) Our eldest after a rock climbing accident
b) A closeup from a makeup test done by our eldest titled "But it's only when he's drinking."
c) A photo I brought home from an old case file at work
d) A clip from the movie Truck Stop Women


FranIAm said...

Um - give me a second here... OK,


Got it -right?!

BeckEye said...

When in doubt, guess D.

D! For all of 'em.

Mnmom said...


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

D, C, B.

Now, what do I win?

Eebie said...

D, C, D ... a random group of guesses...cheers, eebie.

Dino aka Katy said...

lets see --- d, c and b

lulu said...

Thanks for a the black raspberries, the juice of which may or may not be staining MizBub's hand. We had them on vanilla ice cream for dessert this evening. Yum.