Sunday, October 19, 2008

Germany or Florida: Oktoberfest edition

Yep, it's been a few months. Time for a round of Germany or Florida.

For you newcomers, here's how it goes: I'll give a brief description of a news story, and you guess if the story originated in Germany or Florida. Post your choices in the comments, and I'll announce the winner on Thursday. Here goes:

1) A man and his girlfriend returned home after arguing in a tavern. The man wanted to have sex, and the woman didn't. The man threatened her with a rifle, but only succeeded in shooting himself.

2) An argument between two men resulted in one of them grabbing a hammer and threatening the other. The other grabbed a letter opener and stabbed the hammer man. It was not hammer time.

3) A man wanted to teach his son "how to party right" and showed the teenager how to crush and snort prescription drugs. The son died.

4) A homeless woman hit a homeless man over the head with a Heineken bottle during an argument.

5) A pet rat starts a fire in the owner's home.

6) A driver pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving promptly urinated on himself as he asked the officer if he was in any trouble.

7) The owners of a traveling educational zoo are sued by a hotel worker who claims that her exposure to bird and monkey feces and dander caused a chronic medical condition when they stayed at her hotel.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

1,3,4 and 7 Florida.

2,5, and 6 Germany.

SkylersDad said...

1 - Florida
2 - Germany
3 - Florida
4 - Heineken is too obvious, Florida
5 - Florida
6 - Germany
7 - Florida

jin said...

I'm spending too much time analyzing...
just when I think I know I see a word that makes me think otherwise!

The pressure!

1. Florida
2. Germany
3. Florida
4. Germany
5. Florida
6. Florida
7. Germany

Eebie said...

Excellent job on the pics, there were a few toughies...

Florida: 1, 3, 5 and 6
Deutchland: 2, 4, and 7

I must say I found 4 and 5 a real toss up. And after over analyzing I changed the response as I type.

All in all, this is a great feature, syndicate it or get Letterman to do it.

Anonymous said...

1,3,4,7 Florida
2,5,6 Germany

Skyler's Dad is right, Heineken is a red herring. 5 was almost a toss up, until I realized if it was Florida, you would have said mobile home. And piss boy's got to be German.

Eternally Curious said...

Florida, Germany, Florida, Florida, Germany, Florida, Germany - in that order.

Beth said...

It was not hammer time made me spew coffee all over my desk. Excellent use of the 1980s.

My Germanic picks: 2, 5, 7

Dale said...

Is it wrong to guess Florida for all of them?

Jewels said...

1-5-6 Germany
2-3-4-7 Florida

Cormac Brown said...

1) Florida
2) Florida
3) Florida
4) Florida because unlike the rest of Europe, the Germans tend to turn their noses up at Heineken.
5) Germany.
6) Germany.
7) Germany.

DivaJood said...

1) Florida
2) Germany
3) Florida
4) Florida
5) Germany
6) Germany
7) Florida

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So glad to see the return of this venerable institution:

Florida: 3, 4
Germany: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7