Monday, October 27, 2008


It started Saturday afternoon. I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew something wasn't right. Kind of a dull, queasy feeling.

We had a party to go to Saturday night, and as of 9:30 am that morning we didn't have a costume. We've talked about going as Gomez and Morticia for years now, but haven't done it. Likewise Elvis and Priscilla. So, like I was saying, the day of the party arrived without us having any idea of what to go as. For a while we looked toward a helpful post from Grant Miller Media and considered going as victims of the new depression, with sandwich boards and a cup full of pencils for sale.

I found a list of last-minute costume ideas, and one of them was mummy. It involved buying a set of neutral long underwear and a bunch of bandages, then soaking the bandages in tea or coffee to stain them. MizBubs, girl genius, saw this and promptly announced that if I went as a mummy, she'd go as the archaeologist who dug me up. She also mentioned that it would be easier and cheaper to buy gauze and some burlap at a fabric store. Off we went, and by 1pm we had all our stuff. It ended up like this:

The party was a blast, but I felt worse and worse. I took some pleasure in the fact that, when I stood very still against a wall, or sat down in the room where the beer cooler was, and someone walked in, they'd get startled when I moved. I got mistaken for a decoration a few times. It would've been more fun if there had been small children to scare.

MizBubs had to drive me home, and by the time I unraveled myself I was spent. The effort of cutting myself out of my costume left me with a fierce headache. I hit the pillow by 11:30 and was out.


Mnmom said...

Great costume!!!! Maybe I'll steal that and go as Mnmum. I'll have to mention the staying still thing to my hubby - he's always wanted to do something like that and scare the trick-or-treaters.

Sorry you're sick.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Bubsy! Sorry that you are ill, you have better be all well again for the most important holiday of the year this Friday.

I assume that you had to limit your intake of beverages whilst in costume?

Bubs said...

Barbara, I got stopped coming out of the bathroom and asked how I did it. The answer: two-piece costume! I wore running tights underneath the long underwear that had the bandages glued/tied on. The thermal top came down over the bottoms, so it was easy to take care of bidness if you will.

MnMum, I like that!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Get well soon. And may I say Miz Bubs makes one hot as heck archaeologist!

Becca said...

Great costumes!!! I envy your ability to blend into the decorations! Too bad your under the weather otherwise you could get a job in a haunted house scaring little children ;)

Dino aka Katy said...

love the costume ideas. Wow I may have to rip that off for next year. Or maybe this year have to discuss it with grumpy for now I am going to dress up as Bavarian (arch enemies of my state Saxony)

hope you feel better