Friday, November 14, 2008

From father to daughter- Bubs-ette's favorite films

Well, my dad just tagged me with this movie list dealy. It seems pretty fun, so I figure I'll fill it out. See if you can guess my favorite genre at the end!

An American Werewolf in London- "A naked American man stole my balloons!"

Bad Taste- humans, the ultimate fast food experience

Children of the Corn- and people wonder why I don't usually like kids...

Dead Alive- "I kick ass for the lord!"

Evil Dead 2- "Groovy."

Frankenhooker- supercrack

Genesis- I love short films

The Haunting (the original)- probably the scariest movie I've ever seen

Ichi the Killer- one of the craziest things I've ever seen

Jason X- so bad it's good

Killer Klowns from Outer Space- way scarier than I thought it would be, great theme song too

Land of the Dead- "Zombies man, they creep me out."

Martin- is he a vampire?

Night of the Living Dead (the original)- the first and greatest flesh eating zombie film

The Omega Man- It totally works though!

Pan's Labyrinth- magnificent

Queen of the Damned- I know it sucks, but it reminds me of being 15

Return of the Living Dead- "You mean the movie lied?"

Slither- great cast, great gore, great movie

Teeth- so very, very wrong

Urban Legend- the first one was kinda fun

Vampyres- who doesn't love early 70s British lesbian vampire movies?

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane- I don't even know what to say, it's so scary

X-Men- I can't think of any other one, so I'll keep mom's

Young Frankenstein- GENIUS!

Zombi (or Zombie 2 if you prefer)- Lucio Fulci, what's with the eye injuries?!

This list is vastly incomplete and neglects loads of great films, but it'll have to do.


Randal Graves said...

I love Night of the Living Dead, but if I only got to choose one, it'd have to be the 70s Dawn. Ken Foree was one bad mofo.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Great taste in movies Bubs-ette. Check out my halloween costume this year. ;)

Dystopia said...

Randal- I like Dawn, but Night, IMO, is way scarier. It totally revolutionized horror!

Kristi- You look fabulous! Not many chicks can rock the Mystique look like you can!

kirby said...

Oh, Slither is good fun.

Doc said...

I have got to go with you on Omega Man. I love this silly movie!


Erik Donald France said...

Scary good flicks, indeed!

lulu said...

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Hilarious and inspired choice.

Katie Schwartz said...

Oh, I know this dame's favorite genre, horror. And, she's got mad horror skills of her own :)

Mob said...

Great list of films, I'm glad he was able to get most of the family involved in this one.

BeckEye said...

I have The Haunting sitting on top of my TV now. It just came from Netflix. I've heard lots of good things about it. The remake was pretty horrible, but it did turn me into a lesbian. Well, just for CZJ.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm very pleased to see a good representation of zombie flicks. Finally, zombies getting some respect!

Dystopia said...

Kirby_ It hearkens back to the raucous splatter-fests of the 80s, which is probably why I love it so much. I also love that James Gunn got his start with Troma (Troma helped put me on my path too).

Doc- Omega Man is silly? Well, yeah, I guess, bit only because of Heston!!

Erik- That's how I like 'em, blood soaked and cheesy as hell!

Lulu- What's better than two aging super stars being bitches to each other? Instant win right there.

Katie- Thank you so much!

Mob- My dad has quite a knack for getting the family involved in his hijinks, it's kinda frightening actually.

Beckeye- Yeah, the remake was a great cast wasted. I also have a mad style girl crush on CZJ! She was beyond stunning in the first of the new Zorro movies...

Barbara- Zombies are my life! In fact, I'm wearing a t-shirt with the Hare Krishna zombie from Dawn of the Dead on it right now. I'm pretty sure zombie films are my favorite horror subgenre. So much can be done with them! Lately I've been trying to watch all 60-whatever of my beau's zombie films, but it's slow going as he keeps buying more!

Grant Miller said...

I'm not much of a movie fan or a horror movie fan, but I will assume these are all top notch.

But no "Toxic Avenger?"

Dystopia said...

Grant- Well, some are top notch, but some are utter drivel (Jason X is a prime example of the latter category). As for Toxie, I CANNOT believe I forgot! I'm officially the worst Tromette ever!

MacGuffin said...

Young Frankenstein truly is a great movie and one the first I remember seeing at the theatre. I actually considered it for my list.

Dystopia said...

It still makes me laugh hysterically, even though I've seen it like a million times. It's really classic humor. Plus, I grew up watching the Universal classics, and Y.F. does an awesome job of lovingly lampooning the movies of my youth. ^_^

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