Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meme, redux.

I just did this meme the other day, but whaddya know, I've been tagged again--this time by Katie Schwartz! So I thought, hey, why not? Here we go.

Meme, redux:

1. Five names you go by:

a. Buzz
b. Dumbo
c. Bubs
d. El Martillo
e. Sarge

2. Three things you are wearing right now:

a. A very comfortable fleece bathrobe
b. Very comfortable plaid flannel pajama pants
c. A 2005 Shamrock Shuffle long sleeve tee shirt

3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:

a. To successfully resolve a beef I've got with the administrators of a medical flexible spending account I have through work
b. To get back to brewing our own beer this winter

4. Three people who will probably fill this out:

Forget my last answer. Let's see, MizBubs, the eldest and Lulu

5. Two things you did last night:

a. Watched the movie Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
b. Slept like a rock.

6. Two things you ate today:

a. Pumpkin pie
b. Pecan-crusted pork tenderloin stuffed with apples and Maytag blue cheese

7. Two people you last talked to on the phone:

a. The eldest
b. My brother

8. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:

a. Meet with my human resource director about the beef I mentioned earlier
b. Attend the first of several work-related Christmas parties.

9. Two longest car rides:

a. Chicago to San Antonio--about 1200 miles, more or less
b. Chicago to New Orleans--about 950 miles, more or less
(well, neither of these things changed in the last couple of days)

10. Two of your favorite beverages:

a. Bourbon
b. Smoothies with yogurt and frozen berries. I make good ones.

Stay tuned. Later this week I'll be featuring a new Germany or Florida amputee criminal holiday edition!


Mnmom said...

Still lovin that Maytag Bleu, aren't you?
Can't wait for the next contest, and a Holiday version no less!

We should start a blog focused only on strange criminal activity in Wisconsin, we'd be posting daily.

Dale said...

That pork tenderloin sounds delicious and I'll have a bourbon too please, thank you!

Cormac Brown said...

I reflexively gasp whenever I see the words "Maytag bleu cheese," because it makes me think of laundry detergent.

lauralu said...

you eat like a king bubs.

did you get my NYE Party email today?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll bet a shot of bourbon would go really well with a slice of pumpkin pie right now.

Randal Graves said...

Now that's lazy blogging. You magnificent bastard, I salute you!

Grant Miller said...

Mmmm. Bourbon.

Katie Schwartz said...

The bubbsies are souch gourmets. You dine beautifully.

How did you get the nickname Buzz?

Great meme redux. Thanks for playing, cookie.

Looking forward to seeing MizBubs and the eldest's responses.