Monday, December 24, 2007

December 26 post-holiday choir practice

Remember folks, December 26 is right around the corner, and that means:

  • Deep discounts on Christmas decorations, gift wrap and greeting cards!
  • Special day-after-Christmas sales at your favorite stores!
  • Back to work, you.
  • It's time for a lovely informal gathering of all your favorite bloggers!
Chris at Some Guy's Blog has featured this event, and this year Mr. Grant Miller of Grant Miller Media will be hosting a lavish award ceremony to recognize this year's Drysdale Award winners.

This year we'll be meeting at the fabulous Hala-Kahiki Lounge at 2834 River Road in River Grove. The Hala-Kahiki is the oldest tiki bar in the Chicago area, and features a wonderful assortment of reasonably-priced exotic drinks, as well as your standard beers and hard liquors for the less adventurous.

MizBubs and I plan on arriving around 7 pm, but it looks like most of the really cool kids won't get there until closer to 8pm. The lavish award ceremony is scheduled to kick off then.

For those of you taking public transportation, it looks like you could take the 331 PACE bus from the Cumberland Avenue El stop. You can see the CTA System Map here. Metra's Milwaukee District West line stops at River Grove, .8 mile away from the Hala Kahiki. You can see the station on this map:

View Larger Map

If anyone needs a lift to or from the Metra station, email me and let me know.

Hope everyone gets through the next couple of days healthy and happy. See you Wednesday night!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I need a lift from east TN. Le me know what time you can be here and I'll try to be ready by then.

lauralu said...

wow, an award ceremony...what'll I wear...that will actually fit the day after Christmas?

see you guys there.

Laura and Tom

lulu said...

We won't be making it until closer to 9. Hope you're all still somewhat sober then.

kim said...

I wish I could go, I've got the girl, so Mr. Yen will be representing us. Tell Miz Bubs I miss her.

Merry Christmas.

jin said...

Thanks again for letting me know bubs!
2 hrs 49 minutes according to the map... I have been thinking about it... but, there will be other chances, right?????

Anonymous said...

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