Saturday, May 13, 2006

Foggo gets raided

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal agents on Friday searched the home and office of the CIA's former third-highest ranking official who is under investigation because of ties to a figure in a congressional bribery scandal.

Kyle 'Dusty' Foggo, who announced his retirement from the CIA on Monday, is being investigated by five agencies due to his long-standing friendship with defense contractor Brent Wilkes, an unindicted co-conspirator in the bribery case that landed former U.S. Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham of California in prison, officials said.

Foggo's lawyer was not immediately available for comment but Foggo, formerly executive director of the agency, has denied any wrongdoing.

Foggo had been appointed by CIA Director Porter Goss, who himself resigned a week ago. Administration officials were unhappy with Goss over publicity surrounding the Foggo case after his ties with Wilkes became public in March.

On Friday, the CIA declined to say whether Foggo was still employed by the spy agency." ...

OK...I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet, so I'm still a little dull this morning. But let me see if I got this straight:

-The Director of the CIA resigns abruptly,
-The # 3 official at the CIA ("Dusty" Foggo--if that is, in fact, his real name) appointed by the resigned director, is under criminal investigation and the CIA will not even confirm whether he even works there anymore,and
-We're told by this administration not to worry about intelligence agencies collecting milions of phone records.

So we, as Americans, are being asked to trust that our intelligence agencies are simply doing what they can to fight terrorism, and not trampling our rights in the process, while it becomes increasingly clear that the highest levels of our intelligence community are involved in criminal behavior themselves.

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