Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Morning Coffee

Good morning and happy Mother's Day! Miz Bubs is currently outside on the back porch enjoying a Mother's day smoke and a glass of champagne as she surveys her newly-dug garden pond hole. She's itching to get out and continue working in the backyard, but 4 days straight of Irish weather has prevented it.

We're leaving in about an hour to go out to brunch with my brothers, their brides, our mom, one mother-in-law and assorted chidren at Flossmoor Country Club. I got to turn up the swank meter a notch or two. Youngest brother emailed me the menu last night and I started salivating as I read it, especially when I saw "shrimp and grits chef style." I can only assume they're talking about one of my favorites, barbeque shrimp and grits (I might give y'all a recipe later.)

I'd like to start out this day, and this week, on a bit of good news: the killer alligator has been captured! The authorities are pretty sure it's the right gator, given the two human arms they found in the belly. And here's another fascinating tidbit: evidently pig lungs are the preferred gator bait. Who knew?

Enjoy your days!

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