Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good morning...vacation starts tomorrow!

Whew. So much to do today. It feels like I lost about a week out of my life with the surgery and I just started feeling really better in the past couple days, being able to drive, button my pants and wear a belt and all. And then it struck me that I haven't done the usual monomaniacal trip preparation that I usually do. I have no portfolio of maps and computer printouts--I'm going to have to settle for a yellow legal pad full of phone numbers and addresses of places I want to visit and eat.

This morning I need to:
  • Visit the post office and stop the mail
  • Call the limo service for tomorrow morning
  • Go to the bank and get some cash, and cash in that huge jar of coins I've been hoarding
  • Stop by the doctors office and get some special sunscreen for my youngest
  • Go to Kohls and pick up a pair of sandals
  • Drop off the small, lovable parrot at a friend's house. The big, talking, engaging but frightening and psychotic parrot will stay here and have food and water slipped through the trapdoor in his cage.
Miz Bubs, God bless her, arranged to have a friend take care of the dogs while we're gone, and my mom is doing a couple days of that also.

This time tomorrow morning we should be on the plane.

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