Thursday, May 18, 2006

Working down the list...

Busy busy busy...the day started off on a good note when I made all the limo arrangements while in my bathrobe, drinking my first cup of the day. I always feel powerful and effective when I accomplish some task while still in my robe.

We met and had lunch with Miz Bubs' brother Toby, who's looking well. We found out a couple things: first, that Oracle-wiz Toby took a consulting job closer to home, so he's not back east away from his family every week, flying home on weekends, and second, that there is a wonderful old-school Jewish deli/coffee shop not far from our house. Must've just opened in the past few months, and I was glad to see it was packed. Now I can get a big tongue sandwich nearly any time I want one. Mmmmm...tongue. The other, other red meat.

First great surprise of the day--my change jar performed beyond all expectations, netting me $259! Met a nice vet at the post office, selling little poppies to raise money for the VFW. He served on the aircraft carrier USS Essex and we had a nice talk. He wasn't happy that the USS Oriskany was sunk to create a coral reef instead of being turned into a museum, but agreed that it was nice for the boat have a second useful life. I know it's gotta be hard for guys who served on that boat, but I think it's cool to think of all the marine life it's going to provide a home for in its new life, as well as all the fun for divers.

Miracle of miracle, we found sunscreen that Hannah says doesn't irritate her skin. The trip to Kohls went swell, we got a bottle of Appleton Estate Jamaican rum to bring with, just so we got something to prime the pump when we arrive at the motel. And I did say motel, not resort, or inn, or hotel. Oh, and cigars! We're going into the keys low-profile, hoping to avoid the swarms of alligators and the rare mutant American crocodiles on the way. No swanky beachfront condo on this trip, just a simple place for simple people to drink and stagger into the ocean while the children yell be careful. I'll let you know how it turns out.

All that remains now is to do some laundry, pack and drop the sweet parrot at her sitter's house. I can almost smell the briny fun that's waiting for us.

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