Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chaos at the Compound

Here it is, just a few days away from the weekend, and it's chaos here at the compound. Not so chaotic, mind you, that I can't find a few minutes to sit down and write about how chaotic it is...but still.

We are having a small party on the 1st to celebrate our great nation's Independence Day. Last year we expected around 30 people and ended up with 65. While there's been great progress in the yard, there's much to be done still. The house is bordering on pigsty from all the dirt we've been tracking in from the garden, compounded (heh) by the usual stacks of paperwork and periodicals I bring home from work, laundry needing folding, craft projects, dog toys, boxes of bullets, Tasers, you name it. I haven't even started making lists yet. OH, and MizBubs still hasn't settled on the prototype of her new drink, the Don Ho Motherf*cker, that we promised to unveil this weekend. So much to do...

I think we're going to eliminate the fireworks part of our program this year. Just no time to make a run to Wisconsin or Indiana. While the temptation will be great to throw something combustible into the chimnea after a few drinks, I think I can resist it. We'll all just have to cope. I've also scaled back the food plans--no more pulled pork barbecue. I'll be the only swine there. No, wait, I gots to have pork product, especially with guests from Iowa. Maybe some chops or some sausage, but mark my words, there will be pig meat. We may fall back on your standard burgers and all, but with enough beer hopefully no one will complain.

MizBubs, girl dynamo, dropped a cement brick on her foot today, so hopefully we're pre-disastered. She's already on the mend and has scarcely slowed down. Matter of fact, while I'm taking it easy here pre-heating the grill, she's at Homeowner Hell buying more cypress mulch.

I have to work tomorrow, but the better part of my afternoon will be spent at the State's Attorney's office preparing for a jury trial that starts in 2 weeks. I'll get home early, sit down with Miz over a tasty cocktail, and then the real pre-party fun begins.

This is cool.

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Kate said...

Pork? For the FOUR of us coming from Iowa?

Oh wait. I might mean three. Still don't have the final word on that.

In any case, got your messages about the fireworks. We'll work something out.