Monday, July 10, 2006

Life just got easier

My court appearance this morning didn't amount to much. The defendants asked for a continuance, and the trial is postponed until September. YAY! That means that my week now is a lot less hectic, I'll get more sleep, and I'll still have the opportunity for big overtime $$ in September because I'll be working nights again.

So, I took advantage of the extra time this morning to apply for and receive a federal tax ID number for my training business. Hopefully I'll need it as the year goes on.

One thing I really like is getting packages in the mail. Gots no idea why, really, I just love it. And today, I got TWO packages! My honor guard sword (HAHAHAHAHA, I'M DRUNK WITH POWER) and this nifty carry-on bag from Campmor. MizBubs and I are going to try travelling lighter on our next trip to Las Vegas, and this carry-on bag (along with a tri-fold garment bag that's on it's way from is part of the plan. Did I mention that I really like packing? And organizing, and luggage? Each duffel bag, garment bag, backpack or suitcase is a reminder of some adventure, and represents all the places it's been, as well as all the places it's ever going to go.

My eldest reminded me that we need to buy tickets for Flashback Weekend, which is coming up later this month. She's waiting to find out if she'll be working the festival, helping to promote Hot Rod Zombies From Hell--the low-budget movie she got a small part in.

OK...enough relaxing. Time to get off my ass and get something done.

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