Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday morning coffee

I like the house in the morning like this, when it's quiet and cool.

It's shaping up to be another busy week here at the compound. First, I have a subpoena effective today through Friday, for a jury trial that's scheduled to begin this morning. The trial stems from a residential burglary in December 2004; one of my detectives, while on a surveillance, spotted a known burglary crew and followed them to a score in a neighboring town. There was a foot chase, and once they got a warrant to get into the bad guys' work car they found proceeds from another burglary that had just happened in our town. I got called in around 10:30pm to assist with the evidence work. Cold night, about 15-20 degrees with 20-30 mph winds. Coldest outdoor scene I've worked. Anyway, the lab matched the cuts on the alarm wires to a wire cutter found in the crew's work bag, and there was some good footwear impressions too. We'll see how the trial goes.

I'm waiting to hear from the canoe guy in Michigan. We're tentatively set to go up there on Saturday the 15th to pick up the canoe, and I'm waiting for directions and payment instructions. I found the canoe books (this one, this one and this one) and I remembered (I think) that they weren't actually gifts--If I recall correctly they were loaned to me and left here. Time to place an order I think.

Finally, we have friends from Ireland arriving Friday. They're only staying one night, and then going up to Minneapolis to visit family there. We're going to take them to Kingston Mines to hear some blues that night, and then send them off with a hearty breakfast Saturday morning.

Gotta go.


Dub Martin said...

Woah there. My copies of those canoe titles are safely here on my shelf. Don't go ordering new books unless you borrowed them from somebody else.

I looked at the Kingston Mines site and was quite surprised to read their history. Our bluegrass band played there quite a bit from 1972 through 1974 and when Jan and I moved to Iowa in 1976 I don't think it had switched to blues yet. Art Thieme played there, Piper Road Spring Band, Central Stanard Grass, and a long list of folk singers.

We went there with friends from here a few years ago and Doc's son was managing the place and remembered me and our band. He paused in his busy evening for a while to talk about old times.

Good place.

Bubs said...

Cool info about Kingston Mines. What's even better is that I've got a pass to the place, and can likely get a couple more. I'll let you know how the food is these days.

So those books were gifts, then? Well, good for me! I thought they were, but Manda had her doubts and thought you'd left them here.